Life is a Journey

I am a Life Coach in personal development. If you are a woman seeking to meet goals in your life, work and career then coaching could help you identify and set a course to success.

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Thereafter sessions charged at £15 per hour for 4 to 6 hours.

The arrival is worth the journey

Juliet Nisbett: CPCP

Life is a Journey : We all seek direction at some time in our life, often just someone to talk things through. Coaching is a conversation with a purpose.
Through a series of active discussions, coaching will enable you to identify and realise aspirational goals.
You will be able to decide which area of your work or life you wish to develop from one of the following;
Leadership Youth,
At your first session we will discuss your chosen area and talk about where you are in relation to 8 elements of a “Coaching Wheel”.

Wheel of Life

From this discussion and by active listening, questioning and relaying back, I will assist you to define and identify your goal. Then in the next session I will support you in devising an over-arching plan of action i.e. the steps to accomplishing your goal. Then finally through visualisation and placement we will build your tools for sustainability to take you through your journey to success.
I will leave you with a comment from one of my former clients;
“Really good experience. Juliet is excellent in directing the conversation and keeping you on point. The setting of goals and deadlines kept me focused. Helped me in planning ahead and also questioning myself . She is very professional and friendly.”

I look forward to hearing from you.
The arrival is worth the journey.
Juliet Nisbett: CPCP